Hi Parents,

Last week was Arts Education week. A lot of information has been shared through social media and in the news by passionate advocates and industry leaders on this very important topic.

I am sharing with you a just a glimpse of the conversation surrounding this subject in hopes that it offers insight into the current situation within our nation’​s schools and an understanding of how engaging in the Arts directly effects our children’s development in ways that would make you proud.

It is not news that schools are continually cutting the Arts out of its programming.

But don’t despair, there is a big push to evolve STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) in schools. While STEM is extremely valuable, if we want the best innovators, we must teach the Arts. Arts + Design are poised to transform our economy in the 21st century just as science and technology did in the last century.

Involvement in the Arts also engages the brain in a completely different way. It uses both the left and right side and sparks creativity, curiosity and imagination.  As a result, children learn to experience situations through multiple perspectives and it teaches empathy and what it means to relate to one another on a deep level. Children who experience the Arts are more confident, better communicators and problem solvers. The list of positive outcomes are many. These are just a few.

Following is a website and an article that support Arts Education.

As an advocate of the above and pioneer of the JCC’s Performing Arts Program, I want to remind you that in your own backyard, at the JCC,  we offer a top notch performing arts program for children 6-18 years old.

It has been a little over a year, since we launched JPAS (J Performing Arts Space) and I want to thank you all for your support.  We believe we will make a difference in your child’s life and we can already see the growth in the children who have been enrolled in our program.

Please help us spread the word about our programming.   Your children, your friends children and so on, deserve the opportunity to experience the Arts.

Alise Robinson  ​
Manager, J Performing Arts Space
Director, Camp StarQuest

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The J’s Got Talent


Tickets for the J’s Got Talent are now on sale!
Click here for for more information and to buy tickets:

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Zumba Glow

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our specialty Zuma Glow class at the J was a glowing success! We would like to give a shout out to Singer-Songwriter & JCC Librarian Linda Blasnik. J Zumba Instructor Luis and Linda’s husband Steve teamed up to surprise Linda on her birthday. During the final song of the Zumba Glow class Luis played Linda’s song creation “At Home”, and then Linda’s Family joined the class and sung “Happy Birthday” to her.

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Avoid the Summer Fitness Vacation Workout Slump

terri-erands1Yep, that mini summer getaway is perfect plan for achieving that well deserved rest & relaxation. However the mini rest & relaxation can test your workout and diet willpower.  Here are a few steps that you can take to avoid that workout and weight gain melt down while on holiday.

Scale back on your food intake. Remember that portion control is key when it comes to healthy food intake. Consider moderation when going for those extra snacks, while in that state of  holiday chill.

Tweak your workout agenda, stay active. I know that it is tough to get up early to get that early morning power walk in.  However, avoid letting your established  fitness achievements  take
a back seat.

List your overall fitness goals in your cell phone. In the moment you feel like bailing from your workout review your original goals as a friendly reminder.

21 Days Polar Loop Employee Wellness Challenge. We are on day 16 of our 21 day make your fitness-wellness habits a reality. Keep on bringing it, no turning back—Let’s finish strong as one united J healthy team. —Get Fit For Life!


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Cycles of Spin: Returning to its Heart-Healthy Origins

Instructors take participants through a series of rides known as Energy Zones, each serving a specific purpose like endurance, strength or recovery. Terri Arends, a master Spin instructor and group fitness director at the Jewish Community Center of Dallas, Texas, attests that without such rides, the aerobic foundation crumbles. She likes to put riders through “kicking Spin rides and moments of Zen that allow riders to let go and find their inner athlete.
Click here to read more about Cycles of Spin

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Get a jump start on your 2014 fitness goals

terri-erands1“HIT” is often referred to in the fitness industry as High Intensity Training. Many gym goers will associate high intensity training with achieving outcomes such as decreasing percentage of body fat, building muscle and improving overall fitness.  HIT workouts without a doubt are proven to be one of the most effective methods towards achieving weight loss.  As the J’s group fitness director, I often get the question, presented to me, as to what constitutes a High Intensity Training Workout.  Think in terms of a HIT workout being as short as 4 minutes and lasting as long as 30 minutes in duration. Include in the work out plan mini bouts of anaerobic work followed up with less intense active workload recovery sections.

Remember to keep moving on the active workload recovery phase, as to not to go to a full out grinding halt. Get a jump start on your 2014 fitness goals by turning your body into a fat burning machine. Can’t manage High Intensity Training on your own, then do join us for one of the following group fitness classes. HIT The Water, Tabata-Jabs-Abs, J Fit Met Con, Spin Power, Group Rowing, Dig Deep, Cardio Raise the Bar, Camp Dave Fit, Retro Step and Insanity. As your group fitness director, I am in hopes to see you in one of our upcoming group fitness classes. Get ready to turn your body into a high calorie fat burning machine.

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What’s new at the J?

Artie-headMany of us come to the J expecting certain things.  We expect the Early Childhood Center to be open and full of children being educated by fantastic teachers.  We expect the Sports and Fitness Center to be up and running with people utilizing the fitness center, the pools, group exercise studio, spin studio, mind, body studio and of course the locker rooms with showers, whirlpool, steam and sauna facilities.  The Seniors expect, in many cases, to be transported to the J, to participate in day trips, lectures, and Senior Board meetings, not to mention, the daily Kosher Lunch prepared by our great Head Cook, James Birdine, and his staff.  Along with these daily activities we host hundreds of meetings a week for Jewish organizations in the community.  Currently we are hosting the annual BookFest, in the midst of our Fall Melton Classes, and preparing for our winter events.

Winter programs will fill the agency soon.  College kids will be back in town and the J is the place to be.  The guys will all come back to play pick up basketball and catch up with their friends that are scattered all over the country.  Winter camp will be in full swing.  Adventures with Abbii, our traditional camp, tennis camp, and gymnastics camp will fill the halls with children as they enjoy their vacations from school.  The Matzoh Ball will bring hundreds of young Jewish singles together on December 24th  , at the Social House, for a night of fun, socializing, and dancing and you never know maybe the night they meet their Beshert.

With all of this going on we continue to work on new initiatives to make you, our most important members, experience at the J even better.

Soon our main hallway bathrooms will be renovated.
Soon our main floor West Wing bathrooms, the newest ones in the building, will have automatic door openers installed.  This will help those that need additional assistance have ease of access to these bathrooms.
Soon our Group Exercise Studio will be expanded to enhance the “BEST IN DALLAS” group exercise experience for group exercise participants.

It is our goal to always provide the best of what is expected of our J everyday and at the same time look to the future in an effort to continually enhance the experience for our valued members and guests.

It would be my pleasure to hear your thoughts on how we can enhance your experience.

Take care and see you at the J.
Artie Allen
Aaron Family Jewish Community Center

I forgot to mention that we are so excited to have 2 staff members,  Rachelle Weiss Crane, and Abbii Cook, along with a JCC Leader Doug Baer going to Israel to help the JCC prepare for some upcoming trips we plan to offer in the community.  I can’t wait to hear about their experience and the plans they will have for all of us in the future.

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