Pool News – Week 3

swimmingSummer is zooming by and our swimmers are flourishing in lessons each day! Part of our success is the wonderful curriculum we have with the Swim Right™ method developed by four-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Lenny Krayzelburg. We also owe credit to our fantastic instructors who spent over forty hours in training before the summer and who work hard each week to provide excellent instruction.

We want to ensure that our campers are getting the most out of our swim program. Therefore we increased the number of instructors so our ratios have dropped for Camp Simchah to 4:1 and for Camp Chai to 6:1 & 8:1 max. Lower ratios for camp lessons allow for each child to get more one on one attention each day.

Camp Simchah and Chai students are going to be tested over this week and next and progress sheets will be going home. If you have specific questions on your child’s progress please contact me directly at 214-239-7141 or dtaylor@jccdallas.org.


Camp Swim Lesson FAQ

Q: Why does my child say they are only floating or not swimming a lot at camp lessons?

A: The Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy focuses primarily on water safety first for the first three levels of the program but continues all the way through level seven. While we do back float a lot, we also swim though we do not utilize arm movements until level four, Streamliners.

Q: My child swims across the pool at home, why do they need to learn how to float?

A: Most children tend to “doggy paddle,” or even may have the ability to swim a freestyle stroke across the pool. In a state of panic neither of these abilities are particularly helpful since they do not support an open airway and require a lot of energy to perform. A back float is requires the least amount of energy and can be maintained for a long period of time while leaving the airway open for effective breathing.

Q: Why is my child is in “x” level at “x” swim program but a lower level in the LKSA?

A: The Swim Right™ curriculum has a specific set of skills and drills many unique to our program that must be mastered before moving onto the next level or to be evaluated in a particular level. Many programs only teach children strokes while we teach water safety and correct body position first.

Q: Will my child master a level or the program by the end of the session/summer?

A: Varies. Each child works at their own pace and we encourage that rather than trying to fit each child into a mold. Some skills or drills will take longer to master but that does not indicate a lack of progress.

Q: If I have my children enrolled into lessons elsewhere or the LKSA do they have to take camp lessons?

A: No, you may choose to have your children not swim during their lesson time. Please contact the camp director and make this request. We do encourage that your children take lessons especially if they are not able to swim.

Q: What is the ratio of swimmers to instructors at Camp?

A: Camp Simchah we strive for a 4:1 ratio and for Camp Chai we strive for a 6:1 ratio.

Q: My child was a Floater last year, why are they a Floater again this year?

A: They either have regressed in between summers or did not fully master the skills required last summer. It could also be that they showed a lack of ability at evaluation time but can actually do more. In that case, we are open to re-evaluating children by request. Particular levels, Floaters for instance, may take longer to complete.

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Pool News 6/22 – 6/26

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Week two has begun and after evaluation week and the rain we are now on a roll with lessons! This week we are working on the first set of skills and drills for each level of the Swim Right™ curriculum. For a quick review the swim levels have been listed below with the skills we are working on for this week.

Splashers (Level 1): Comfort in the water, submersion and assisted back float

Floaters (Level 2): Independent Launch, Independent Back Float and Launch, Kick Kick Kick

Kickers (Level 3): Kick Float Kick, Kick Roll Kick and Streamline Arms on Front and Back

Streamliners (Level 4): Streamline Roll to Streamline, Side Kick, 1-Big Arm Roll to Side Kick

Freestylers (Level 5): 6 count switch, Superman Catch-up stroke (freestyle), Backstroke

Gliders (Level 6): Freestyle review, Backstroke, Breaststroke Kicks

Flyers (Level 7): Freestyle & Backstroke review, Breaststroke, Butterfly Kicks

We do emphasize that for level placement or graduation requires a mastery of skills. Many skills in our program are unique and patented therefore if a child has not been exposed to them they will typically assess lower. It is also true that children who do not regularly practice skills then to lose said skills or regress some in between summers. The Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy does offer year round classes to anyone who would like to continue instruction in the fall. Consistent instruction weekly is the key to continued success in swimming and water safety.

If you have questions about your child’s swim level or individual progress please contact Daniel Taylor, Aquatics Director at 214-239-7141 or dtaylor@jccdallas.org

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Misconceptions About Water Safety

Many people, including parents or even professional swimmers have a misconception or a false assumption when it comes to water safety.

Misconception: my child can swim to the edge of the pool therefore they can save themselves in an emergency.

False: Parents who say this typically have a child who can “doggy paddle,” to the edge of the pool but have no breath support or ability to roll to their back for safety. This type of swimming cannot be maintained for a great length of time and in moments of panic is nearly useless. Even children who can swim a Freestyle stroke cannot always support that stroke in an emergency and the stroke does not allow for adequate breathing in a state of panic.
floaty kids

The Swim Right™ curriculum places great emphasis on the back float and has a patented Kick-Float-Kick technique that allows a child adequate time to catch their breath and regain control in an emergency situation and can be repeated over a great distance.
LKSA child floating on back

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Remember Recess? How about P.E?

active kidsRecess and P.E look a lot different today as more and more schools are actually cutting the amount of time kids are active during the day. Kids are now more likely to come home from school and either work on homework (probably not) or (more than likely) bury their faces into screens from phones to iPads to televisions.

According to kidshealth.org, there are many benefits of regular exercise for kids. These benefits include:

  • strong muscles and bones
  • weight control
  • decreased risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • better sleep
  • a better outlook on life

Healthy, physically active kids also are more likely to be academically motivated, alert, and successful. Additionally, physical competence builds self-esteem at every age.

What happens when school is out for the summer when the limited amount of time kids have for recess or P.E suddenly disappears? How do kids stay active both mentally and physically?

We are here to help with options to get kids away from their screens when the final school bell rings to the first day of summer camp!

A new option this year is Camp SPARK! Camp SPARK is a unique camp run by kids for kids. SPARK stands for Strong, Powerful, Athletic, Rockin’ Kids. The camp was founded in Dallas, Texas by brothers Ryan and Blake Lieberman. The camp is as much about sportsmanship as it is sports, where the kids learn important messages and social skills in a cool, fun way. The camp provides kids between the ages of five and thirteen with a great experience during the summer that they will cherish for a lifetime. There are options during both of the first two weeks of June! Visit the Camp SPARK website for more information and to register.

Need some fun program solutions before Summer Camp begins on June 15? We have plenty of J Summer Pre Camps that are filling up fast so sign up TODAY.

Kids need to be active and the summer is a time where they can do it while enjoying not being in school. Say no to screens and yes to an active lifestyle this summer!

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Join the Baby Boomer Fitness Revolution at the J

baby boomer fitnessBaby Boomers are the fittest and  healthiest older adults of all time and will continue to be vibrant and active for all of their lives. You are invited to attend our free lecture on, “Fearless Aging, Growing Older is Inevitable, but Falling Apart is Not”. Everyone can benefit from this program regardless of your current fitness level. If you are interested in meeting other adults over 50 who are committed a lifetime of health and fitness, please attend our free seminar on Tuesday, April 28th at 3:00 pm at the JCC located at 7900 Northaven Road, Dallas, Texas 75230-3392.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Every revolution starts as a thought in one man’s mind”. The Baby Boomer Fitness Revolution is a program that will inoculate you against aging. The key to staying fit and active all you life is to make the change to a healthy lifestyle. As we get older our blood pressure may rise, and our bodies do not process sugar as well as it used to. If we don’t make the change in our diet and exercise habits, we will gradually lose muscle and pack on unwanted belly fat. Making this important and life-saving change is the most important decision of your life.

Once we get over 50 we have to begin to eat better, and exercise more, increase our sleep, lift weights and continue with our cardiovascular exercise. In this motivational and educational program you will learn how to incorporate the 5 major components of fitness including how to build a healthy brain that functions at a high level for the rest of your life.  The 5 major components are:

  1. Learn how to eat a healthy diet for your whole life
  2. Embrace a lifetime of cardiovascular conditioning
  3. Develop a lifetime strength training program
  4. Emphasize core strength, balance and flexibility into your daily routine
  5. Find out how to keep your brain healthy and fully functional for all of your life.

Society usually calls the maturing process the “Golden Years”. We prefer to think of this second huge and timeless part of our life as the “Golden Awakening” of a new and improved  process of total health and vitality. Baby Boomers have been in the forefront of every major change during the past 50 years and we will be the leading edge of a societal shift toward total health. Do not be left out of this great life changing experience. Find out how you can become a fitness role model for your children and grandchildren. This free lecture series is brought to you by the Lieberman Family Wellness Center which is totally committed in your health and well-being.

This free lecture will be given by John Ranello, who has over 40 years of experience in the fitness industry. John is the founder of Baby Boomer Personal Training and is certified by the Cooper Institute. He is the creator of “Waist Management, “Fearless Aging” and “Flow Kids”. For more information on this and other programs, please contact John at johnranello@hotmail.com  or  (214) 587-9812.

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Fearless Aging


fit old person
There is nothing more important than your daily exercise. You can become lean, fit, happy, optimistic, motivated, and brimming with vim and vigor. This is the good life and it is waiting just for you. My objective is to motivate the 78 million Baby Boomers to embrace a program of total health and to create a bold new vision of the maturing process. Everyone over 50 years of age is invited to attend our free lecture on Fearless Aging on Tuesday, April 21st or Tuesday, April 28th at 3:00 pm held at the Jewish Community Center located at 7900 Northaven Road, Dallas, Texas 75230.

Victor Hugo said, “There is nothing more powerful in all the world, than an idea whose time has come”. Now is the time to begin the Baby Boomer Fitness Revolution that will allow us to become healthy role models for our children and grandchildren. We have a chance to redefine the entire aging process and live a fully functional life. As Baby Boomers, we have an unprecedented opportunity to be the leading edge in a societal shift toward total health that will likely lead to an unleashing of unlimited human potential.

sequoia treeThe average baby boomer in good health will most likely live another 40 to 50 years. You can stay vital, healthy, and active for all of your life. We need to open ourselves up to a second huge and timeless life and not get stuck in pessimism, fear, and retreat. Everyone can benefit from this motivational speech regardless of your present fitness level. You can become an active agent of change in your own health and fitness. You have the ability to rejuvenate your life and this could be the launching pad for your fitness success.

If you would like to meet new people and join a group of like minded people interested in fearless aging and a lifetime of total health, please join us for this free lecture which is part of the Lieberman Family Wellness Program. We will discuss the 5 major components of total health.

  1. Healthy Eating for the rest of your life
  2. Cardiovascular conditioning
  3. Strength training
  4. Core strength, balance, and flexibility
  5. Building a healthy brain and making the body-mind connection

Both lectures will be given by John Ranello. John is a personal trainer certified by the Cooper Institute. John has worked with both Jack LaLanne and Richard Simmons and has over 40 years of experience in the fitness industry. For more information please contact John at 214-587-9812 or johnranello@hotmail.com.

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The Flow State

flowIn the ultra-competitive world of education, the Asian nations have perfected the art of deliberate practice and usually do the best on school tests. As Americans, we need a more creative approach to learning and I feel the greatest gift we can give to our children is to teach them how to reach the “Flow State”.

Flow is the optimal state of consciousness, a peak state where we feel our best and perform our best. Flow drives performance and accelerates creativity. Flow is the experience that makes life worth living. We might say that the whole effort of humankind has been to capture these fleeting moments of fulfillment and to make them part of everyday existence.

Flow brings out the very best in us. If we are hunting the highest version of ourselves and our children we need to turn work into play. Deliberate practice is hard work and takes rigor, grit, and focus. We can teach children that getting into the flow state through vigorous exercise like sprinting is the reward that make them feel their best and helps them renew their enthusiasm for learning. We will teach them to make the body-mind connection.

John Ranello, Personal Trainer at the J

For more information please contact John Ranello at 214-587-9812 or by e-mail johnranello@hotmail.com

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