What’s new at the J?

Artie-headMany of us come to the J expecting certain things.  We expect the Early Childhood Center to be open and full of children being educated by fantastic teachers.  We expect the Sports and Fitness Center to be up and running with people utilizing the fitness center, the pools, group exercise studio, spin studio, mind, body studio and of course the locker rooms with showers, whirlpool, steam and sauna facilities.  The Seniors expect, in many cases, to be transported to the J, to participate in day trips, lectures, and Senior Board meetings, not to mention, the daily Kosher Lunch prepared by our great Head Cook, James Birdine, and his staff.  Along with these daily activities we host hundreds of meetings a week for Jewish organizations in the community.  Currently we are hosting the annual BookFest, in the midst of our Fall Melton Classes, and preparing for our winter events.

Winter programs will fill the agency soon.  College kids will be back in town and the J is the place to be.  The guys will all come back to play pick up basketball and catch up with their friends that are scattered all over the country.  Winter camp will be in full swing.  Adventures with Abbii, our traditional camp, tennis camp, and gymnastics camp will fill the halls with children as they enjoy their vacations from school.  The Matzoh Ball will bring hundreds of young Jewish singles together on December 24th  , at the Social House, for a night of fun, socializing, and dancing and you never know maybe the night they meet their Beshert.

With all of this going on we continue to work on new initiatives to make you, our most important members, experience at the J even better.

Soon our main hallway bathrooms will be renovated.
Soon our main floor West Wing bathrooms, the newest ones in the building, will have automatic door openers installed.  This will help those that need additional assistance have ease of access to these bathrooms.
Soon our Group Exercise Studio will be expanded to enhance the “BEST IN DALLAS” group exercise experience for group exercise participants.

It is our goal to always provide the best of what is expected of our J everyday and at the same time look to the future in an effort to continually enhance the experience for our valued members and guests.

It would be my pleasure to hear your thoughts on how we can enhance your experience.

Take care and see you at the J.
Artie Allen
Aaron Family Jewish Community Center

I forgot to mention that we are so excited to have 2 staff members,  Rachelle Weiss Crane, and Abbii Cook, along with a JCC Leader Doug Baer going to Israel to help the JCC prepare for some upcoming trips we plan to offer in the community.  I can’t wait to hear about their experience and the plans they will have for all of us in the future.


About jccdallas

The Jewish Community Center of Dallas is part of your extended family, your home away from home − providing programs and services for all ages and stages in life. Within our walls or around the world, our members gather together to meet, play, learn, celebrate, and be part of the Community. Everyone, regardless of age, race, religious affiliation, or any other protected status, is welcome.
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