Losing Inches Around Your Waistline

Do you want to lose some inches around your waistline?  Now at last, you can get the results you are looking for by enrolling in our new Waist Management program.  People come into the gym year after year and do their same routine and never lose and inch around their waist.  In order to lose inches of belly fat you have to be willing to make the change  in your eating habits, your cardiovascular conditioning, your strength training, and your core strength.

Beginning Sunday, February 8th at 3:00 pm, you will meet with personal trainers John Ranello and Tre Bradley and receive all the knowledge and encouragement you need to reshape your core and be able to fit into your favorite jeans with ease.

We will meet for four consecutive Sundays at 3:00 and spend 30 minutes learning and 30 minutes in the gym.  In order to lose inches around your waist, you need to make the change in your eating habits.  In week one, we will take your waist measurements and focus our lecture on healthy eating and begin our workout process.  In week two, we will learn the key to maintaining a healthy waistline by learning how cardiovascular exercise works on the mitochondria of our  cells and burns fat and blood sugar helping your waistline to stay trim and firm.  Week three will be devoted to strength training and teaching us how to develop muscular strength and bone density.  Week four will concentrate on core strength and maintaining a thin waist.

Studies have shown that trying to get results on your own is difficult, however, if you join a group with the same goals, your results will skyrocket.  If you are serious about finally losing your belly fat for good, please enroll in our new Waist Management program that will reduce your waistline once and for all.

The total cost of the program is only $69.  If you have any friends who are not members they may come to the Waist Management program and use the entire facility for two months for only $89.

For more information please contact John Ranello (214) 587-9812 or by e-mail johnranello@hotmail.com


About jccdallas

The Jewish Community Center of Dallas is part of your extended family, your home away from home − providing programs and services for all ages and stages in life. Within our walls or around the world, our members gather together to meet, play, learn, celebrate, and be part of the Community. Everyone, regardless of age, race, religious affiliation, or any other protected status, is welcome.
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