Join the Baby Boomer Fitness Revolution at the J

baby boomer fitnessBaby Boomers are the fittest and  healthiest older adults of all time and will continue to be vibrant and active for all of their lives. You are invited to attend our free lecture on, “Fearless Aging, Growing Older is Inevitable, but Falling Apart is Not”. Everyone can benefit from this program regardless of your current fitness level. If you are interested in meeting other adults over 50 who are committed a lifetime of health and fitness, please attend our free seminar on Tuesday, April 28th at 3:00 pm at the JCC located at 7900 Northaven Road, Dallas, Texas 75230-3392.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Every revolution starts as a thought in one man’s mind”. The Baby Boomer Fitness Revolution is a program that will inoculate you against aging. The key to staying fit and active all you life is to make the change to a healthy lifestyle. As we get older our blood pressure may rise, and our bodies do not process sugar as well as it used to. If we don’t make the change in our diet and exercise habits, we will gradually lose muscle and pack on unwanted belly fat. Making this important and life-saving change is the most important decision of your life.

Once we get over 50 we have to begin to eat better, and exercise more, increase our sleep, lift weights and continue with our cardiovascular exercise. In this motivational and educational program you will learn how to incorporate the 5 major components of fitness including how to build a healthy brain that functions at a high level for the rest of your life.  The 5 major components are:

  1. Learn how to eat a healthy diet for your whole life
  2. Embrace a lifetime of cardiovascular conditioning
  3. Develop a lifetime strength training program
  4. Emphasize core strength, balance and flexibility into your daily routine
  5. Find out how to keep your brain healthy and fully functional for all of your life.

Society usually calls the maturing process the “Golden Years”. We prefer to think of this second huge and timeless part of our life as the “Golden Awakening” of a new and improved  process of total health and vitality. Baby Boomers have been in the forefront of every major change during the past 50 years and we will be the leading edge of a societal shift toward total health. Do not be left out of this great life changing experience. Find out how you can become a fitness role model for your children and grandchildren. This free lecture series is brought to you by the Lieberman Family Wellness Center which is totally committed in your health and well-being.

This free lecture will be given by John Ranello, who has over 40 years of experience in the fitness industry. John is the founder of Baby Boomer Personal Training and is certified by the Cooper Institute. He is the creator of “Waist Management, “Fearless Aging” and “Flow Kids”. For more information on this and other programs, please contact John at  or  (214) 587-9812.


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The Jewish Community Center of Dallas is part of your extended family, your home away from home − providing programs and services for all ages and stages in life. Within our walls or around the world, our members gather together to meet, play, learn, celebrate, and be part of the Community. Everyone, regardless of age, race, religious affiliation, or any other protected status, is welcome.
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