Pool News – Week 3

swimmingSummer is zooming by and our swimmers are flourishing in lessons each day! Part of our success is the wonderful curriculum we have with the Swim Right™ method developed by four-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Lenny Krayzelburg. We also owe credit to our fantastic instructors who spent over forty hours in training before the summer and who work hard each week to provide excellent instruction.

We want to ensure that our campers are getting the most out of our swim program. Therefore we increased the number of instructors so our ratios have dropped for Camp Simchah to 4:1 and for Camp Chai to 6:1 & 8:1 max. Lower ratios for camp lessons allow for each child to get more one on one attention each day.

Camp Simchah and Chai students are going to be tested over this week and next and progress sheets will be going home. If you have specific questions on your child’s progress please contact me directly at 214-239-7141 or dtaylor@jccdallas.org.


Camp Swim Lesson FAQ

Q: Why does my child say they are only floating or not swimming a lot at camp lessons?

A: The Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy focuses primarily on water safety first for the first three levels of the program but continues all the way through level seven. While we do back float a lot, we also swim though we do not utilize arm movements until level four, Streamliners.

Q: My child swims across the pool at home, why do they need to learn how to float?

A: Most children tend to “doggy paddle,” or even may have the ability to swim a freestyle stroke across the pool. In a state of panic neither of these abilities are particularly helpful since they do not support an open airway and require a lot of energy to perform. A back float is requires the least amount of energy and can be maintained for a long period of time while leaving the airway open for effective breathing.

Q: Why is my child is in “x” level at “x” swim program but a lower level in the LKSA?

A: The Swim Right™ curriculum has a specific set of skills and drills many unique to our program that must be mastered before moving onto the next level or to be evaluated in a particular level. Many programs only teach children strokes while we teach water safety and correct body position first.

Q: Will my child master a level or the program by the end of the session/summer?

A: Varies. Each child works at their own pace and we encourage that rather than trying to fit each child into a mold. Some skills or drills will take longer to master but that does not indicate a lack of progress.

Q: If I have my children enrolled into lessons elsewhere or the LKSA do they have to take camp lessons?

A: No, you may choose to have your children not swim during their lesson time. Please contact the camp director and make this request. We do encourage that your children take lessons especially if they are not able to swim.

Q: What is the ratio of swimmers to instructors at Camp?

A: Camp Simchah we strive for a 4:1 ratio and for Camp Chai we strive for a 6:1 ratio.

Q: My child was a Floater last year, why are they a Floater again this year?

A: They either have regressed in between summers or did not fully master the skills required last summer. It could also be that they showed a lack of ability at evaluation time but can actually do more. In that case, we are open to re-evaluating children by request. Particular levels, Floaters for instance, may take longer to complete.


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