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Many of us come to the J expecting certain things.  We expect the Early Childhood Center to be open and full of children being educated by fantastic teachers.  We expect the Sports and Fitness Center to be up and running with people utilizing the fitness center, the pools, group exercise studio, spin studio, mind, body studio and of course the locker rooms with showers, whirlpool, steam and sauna facilities.  The Seniors expect, in many cases, to be transported to the J, to participate in day trips, lectures, and Senior Board meetings, not to mention, the daily Kosher Lunch prepared by our great Head Cook, James Birdine, and his staff.  Along with these daily activities we host hundreds of meetings a week for Jewish organizations in the community.  Currently we are hosting the annual BookFest, in the midst of our Fall Melton Classes, and preparing for our winter events.

Winter programs will fill the agency soon.  College kids will be back in town and the J is the place to be.  The guys will all come back to play pick up basketball and catch up with their friends that are scattered all over the country.  Winter camp will be in full swing.  Adventures with Abbii, our traditional camp, tennis camp, and gymnastics camp will fill the halls with children as they enjoy their vacations from school.  The Matzoh Ball will bring hundreds of young Jewish singles together on December 24th  , at the Social House, for a night of fun, socializing, and dancing and you never know maybe the night they meet their Beshert.

With all of this going on we continue to work on new initiatives to make you, our most important members, experience at the J even better.

Soon our main hallway bathrooms will be renovated.
Soon our main floor West Wing bathrooms, the newest ones in the building, will have automatic door openers installed.  This will help those that need additional assistance have ease of access to these bathrooms.
Soon our Group Exercise Studio will be expanded to enhance the “BEST IN DALLAS” group exercise experience for group exercise participants.

It is our goal to always provide the best of what is expected of our J everyday and at the same time look to the future in an effort to continually enhance the experience for our valued members and guests.

It would be my pleasure to hear your thoughts on how we can enhance your experience.

Take care and see you at the J.
Artie Allen
Aaron Family Jewish Community Center


The JCC  is planning for the future.

Over the past few months the Board of the JCC along has been working on a Strategic Plan for the future of our agency.  Hopefully you received and filled out the survey we sent to all our members and JCC participants.  This survey is being reviewed and analyzed by the Dallas Center for Non Profit Management and will serve as the basis for meeting the needs, wants and desires of our community.  If you missed the survey and feel as if you want to share something that may impact our planning please either post your thoughts on the blog or contact me at 214 239-7101.

Just so you know the process includes:

Staff input on their departments and the overall agency.

Focus group meetings with members and non members.

A JCC Board of Director’s retreat.

Assistance from the Center for Non Profit management on the completed product.

Benchmarking and deadlines for strategic planning items to be completed.

It’s an exciting time at the JCC each and every day.  This process will help us determine our plans for the future.

See you at the J,


Get To Know Me Better
My Father in Law is a Holocaust Survivor and was one of the featured Survivors in an exhibit called “50 Faces.” This exhibit travelled all over the world and I was fortunate enough, early in my career to secure it for the Jewish Community Center in Delaware. Each picture depicted the current face of the Survivor with a story about their harrowing experience and the miracle of their survival. It also shared information about their families and their life after the Holocaust. My Father in Law was the keynote speaker for the opening of the exhibit and served as a docent for the first week on display. Seeing his face in the exhibit and his face as he spoke meant the world to me. This was the first time I had firsthand experience with someone related to me that was part of the actual exhibit and part of an actual program. The hundreds of people in attendance at the opening, the media’s fascination with the project, and the many that viewed the exhibit inspired me to see programs in a different way.

Today my Father in Law is 85 years old and shortly there won’t be any Survivors left to share their stories. I however will never forget the tears of pain I saw dripping down his face and the tears of joy he had at the same time as he shared his story in the hopes that this travesty would never happen again.

Programs touch people in different ways. Our responsibility is to bring programs to life for people. Sometimes a program is a means to an end and sometimes a program is the beginning of a journey. Whether it’s mind, body or spirit programs touch people in different ways. To see the curtain open on a theatre production and hear the applause of the crowd, to watching a gymnastics instructor carefully and confidently guide a child to conquer the balance beam, programs inspire me. Programs truly change lives.
A leader leads by example, whether he intends to or not.
– John Quincy Adams

Artie’s Party Blog #1

Did you know the JCC is the programming arm of the Jewish Community? What exactly does that mean? Simply stated the JCC is the place where all people can come and select programs from an extensive menu based on their needs wants and desires.It’s like a programming buffet. If you have young children you can send them to an award winning Early Childhood Program at the Goldberg Early Childhood Center.If you simply want a taste you can soon send them to our new parenting center.During the year when school’s out the J is the place to be. We have camp programs during schools out days, winter break, and spring break.Each summer we have an amazing camp program with something for everyone. This is one of the most special programs offered at the JCC. Children from all over community come together to explore, engage and enjoy one another with excellent staff, camp activities and an amazing facility. We truly have something for everyone. Camp is the place where memories are created that last a lifetime. This year is a milestone for Camp Chai as it will be in its 36th year. Look for celebration information which will be coming your way soon.

While all of the children are enjoying Preschool and Camp, there is so much available for adults as well.Enjoy a Melton Class, take one of our award winning Group Exercise Classes, get on a treadmill, hire a personal trainer, swim some laps, take a spin class…… there’s too much to list.What am I missing? Really….. how can the JCC add to this buffet of programs to meet your needs, wants, and desires. Let me know after all we are the central programming agency of the Jewish Community.

Be well and see you at the J.



7 Responses to Artie’s Party Blog

  1. Carol Aaron says:

    Love your blog! Carol

  2. Rachelle Weiss Crane says:

    The Department of Jewish Life and Learning is planning now for fall. Stay tuned for information about Melton classes and other Jewish learning opportunites including the Book Fair. Members and friends of the J should be sure to let us know what topics and titles they are interested in. Israel’s 65th birthday is Tuesday April 16th. The J is the place to be to celebrate Israel Indpendence Day April 16th from 4:30 to 8:00pm. Be there for fun, food, music and more!

  3. jccdallas says:

    Thanks Rachelle. I can’t wait to see everyone at Israel’s 65th birthday party. It’s going to be amazing with something for everyone.

  4. Denise Hoppess says:

    When can we expect to have free WiFi in our facilities for our members? The J is such a great place to hang out, why not add another reason for our members to want to stay!

    • jccdallas says:


      Thanks for the request. At this time the JCC offers wi fi for members in many areas. The fitness center and the main lobby have it available. It is a little spotty as you go down the halls to the meeting rooms but in general you can get pretty good service. If you have a problem connecting please let me know so I can get it addressed. Thanks again for asking. See you at the J

      • Laurel Fisher says:

        Love the wifi that is now available in the Goldberg Family Early Childhood Center!

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