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Terri Arends, Group Fitness Director @ The J

Terri Arends, Group Fitness Director @ The J

Spend less time working out? Get your Interval training on!

Posted on July 2, 2013 by

Summer is the perfect time to heat up your workout sessions. Studies prove that by alternating “HIT” High intensity training exercises with active recovery segments will burn more calories over a lesser period of time as opposed to a long steady traditional endurance section.

Here are 3 popular, trending now, interval training variations that are  proven to aid you in building muscle, burning fat and revving up your metabolism. –See You in Class!

  1. Speed- Power Drill – 30 seconds all out effort-3 minutes active recovery –
    Repeat 3-5 times/Applied in the following J Group Exercise Classes: Row On, Spinning,Tread-n-Rip, Dig Deep
  2. Tabata – 20 seconds all out effort-10 seconds active recovery-Repeat 8 times/ Applied in the following J Group Exercise Classes: Tabata Jabs Abs, J Fit Met Con, Dig Deep, Spinning, Row On, Tread-n-Rip, HIT the Water, Harder Core, Soma Matrix Strength, Cardio Barbell
  3. Metabolic Training Sets – Pick 3 to 4 Exercises. Perform as many exercise reps for a set period of time, alternating sets continiously for atleast 10 minutes before active recovery phase. Repeat 2 times/Applied in the following J Group Exercise Classes: J Fit Met Con, Camp Dave Fit, Dig Deep, Hit the Water, Harder Core

Terri’s May Group Fitness Workout Hot Pick

Nurture the Body:

Sooth the Soul-Gentle Yoga is the J’s newest Yoga class offerings.

Relax and Recharge with  Jackie and Debbi.
Tuesday 9:15am-10:15am-Debbi
Thursday- 6:45pm-7:45pm-Debbi
Saturday, 12-1pm-Jackie
Sunday, 10:30-11:30am-Jackie

Super Summer Shape Up: Join the 21 Hundred Club
Burn 2100 calories in a week!

clientuploads/Sports_and_Fitness/Group X/terri erands.jpg

Pick one: Monday Tabata Jabs Abs with Christy Or Tuesday/Saturday Pound Rock Out Workout

Pick one: Tuesday: Dig Deep with Ben or Sunday J Fit met Con with Ben
Pick one: Friday Flow Yoga with Barb or Tuesday Flow Yoga with Adam

Highlighted Class: Try out our New Pound Rock Out workout Class Offerings. Drum your way to a leaner you while rocking it out with weighted drum sticks known as RipStix.  Find your inner Bon Jovi!


Group Fitness expert David Thompson is B A C K!! by popular demand! – Bring the action with David Thompson’s return to the J. David, a former pro football player is one of Dallas’s sought after fitness instructors. His  innovated  functional strength training class will jump start your summer shape up  program. . This is not your typical boot camp. This class is for everyone- If you would like to burn 800 calories, lose weight, Improve conditioning and have a blast while doing it –Be sure to make your way  to the J—You can spot David at the J 4 times in May—David Thompson’s special coaching techniques allows you to train outside the box and ignite your inner hero” –Terri Arends
Work Out Class Dates—Saturday May 4-9:30am-10:30am
Friday, May 10-9:30am-10:30am
Saturday, May 11-9:30am-10:30am
Saturday, May 18-9:30am-10:30am
Location – J  Gym #3
I hope to see you in class! Let’s sweat together!—Bring your friends—The J-First in Community, first in Best Classes, We are the J.


Sweating Together Pays off

Join the J’s Group Fitness Class, Get a workout partner, or Plan family workout days. Studies prove that working out in a group or with a workout buddy delivers quicker fitness results. It is proven that people that work out with a friend or in a group fitness class environment tend, to work out harder and have more fun achieving their fitness –wellness goals. In today’s hectic lifestyle fitness can no longer take a back seat. S0 spring it on, grab your family members, or recruit a few buddies, and make that drive toward improving your total well-being. Here are three simple steps to keep your tank fully fueled as you, your friends and your family find your fitness highway.
Establish Realistic Goals-Setting unattainable goals will lead to frustration. Change is a gradual process.
Vary Your Activities-Your body craves newness when expectation and boredom set in, your interest drops and you may capitulate.
Enlist the support of friends and family members– The J offers you the opportunity to meet goal directed people that will assist you in making your fitness-wellness goals a reality.


Decision without action is merely a dream. Staying committed to some type of fitness workout seems easy a first. However many times the common everyday life distractions tend to supersede your fitness plan. In order to keep you engaged try to Mix it up, shake it up, spring into action with five of the J’s hottest group exercise classes.
Real work requires real change- I hope to inspire you to keep moving and to retain you as a long lasting customer!
-Terri Arends, Group Fitness Director


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