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Abbii’s Trip Report (St. Louis)

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JCC S.Louis Trip2A great way to kick off our last day at Sabra with a late morning until 8:30. After breakfast we went down to the lake for morning services. While the camp was doing Shabbat electives we were at our cabins packing and cleaning. After we were finished we went to the mess hall to eat lunch. Then 30 minuets for a quick cat-nap then off to a fitness challenge!!! We did 8 stations of hard core work for 2 minuets per station then we did a big basketball tournament and to cool off we went to the pool. Then back to the cabins to shower and dinner. After dinner back to cabins to hang out and bring our stuff to the office. Once we got our stuff there it began to pour!!!! It stopped soon after then headed to the lake to make s’mores, but all the wood was wet so we just ate the stuff unmelted. During this the councilors presented everyone with awards. Some were funny and some were serious. By the time we were done it was 10 and by 10:30 we were one the road back to Dallas.
We will all miss you Sabra!!!!!
Livia Bernstein & Aidan Frey


After breakfast at Sabra we took the shortest bus ride of the whole trip. A thirty minute ride to the Lake of the Ozark State Park. We spent the day with some people fishing, some swimming, and some hiking. We ate lunch in the park and had a blast JCC S.Louis Trip5in the perfect water.   We left around 2 o’clock so we could get back to Sabra with enough time to nap, shower, and get ready for Shabbat dinner and services. After a dinner of chicken and potatoes we went outside for a great service overlooking the beautiful lake. Once services were over the whole camp went inside for dancing,cheering, and singing. Then we went to the bunks to change and all met on the tennis courts to play mafia and stargaze. Then off to bed.


Another 3 hour bus ride led the campers into downtown St. Louis for yet another adventure. We arrived at the famous Gateway Arch. We marveled at the massive monument before we went inside. We watched an educational video on how the arch was built, it was extremely impressive how much work was put into building the engineering masterpiece.
We proceeded to hop into the pods for the ride to the top. It was an amazing view of the city of St.Louis and surrounding area.A long ride got us down from the top of the arch.

teen-having-fun-on-the-campA short bus ride led us to Six Flags. The bus was buzzing with excitement on the way to the great amusement park. We ate dinner in the parking lot, and then made our way into the park. We split up into our groups, and then we were left of the mercy of the huge rides.
My favorite ride was American Thunder.
After an evening of fun, we ventured back to Camp Sabra.
Brian Kaner

6/26/13new pic4

Another day came around and that meant another trip. We left at 8:45 a.m for a 3 hour drive to the City Museum. Once we got there we ate our lunch and headed on in. Now, the City Museum is not any ordinary museum, it was full of many places to climb. It was like one giant playground full of decked – out playsets and slides, and it was so fun. Next we took another, but much shorter bus ride to the loop, a very fun shopping center. We all walked around and got to shop and eat. We also had a choice to play a game where we got a penny and we had to see if people in stores would trade us something bigger or better then what we had. Whoever got the best thing won frozen yogurt! So I can just say that this day was full of fun, fun, and more fun!
Sydney Bennett


photosdfsAfter officially settling into our temporary home, Camp Sabra,  we set off on our next adventure: Marmec Caverns. First we took a tour of the underground caverns, which was so cool! The formation of the rocks there left everyone astounded.  Then,  we had a delicious Camp Sabra lunch.  Second on the Marmec agenda was rafting. We spit up into groups and paddled through a beautiful river. It took a while, but it was worth it! Our last adventure at Marmec was zip lining. Again, we got into groups for the Caveman  Zipline Adventure. There were eight towers, four zip lines, and three sky-bridges. So many  people faced their fears and we all had such a fun time! After an amazing day, we headed back to Sabra for a well-needed sleep.
Heather Kurtzman


After spending 10 hours on the bus we arrived at Camp Sabra, we all got off then ate lunch bastand headed off to the city to watch the St.Louis Cardinals play the Texas Ranger! It was raining so the game was  post phoned, but we had coved seats so it fun! We cheered for are Rangers and we held sighs! We went through about 5 innings with no scoring but with the rangers at bat we scored!!! We left at 12 right when we started scoring. All and all it was a fun game and the Rangers won 2 to 1! After 2 more hours on the bus we got to Camp Sabra and got to sleep!
Jami Jacobs

TC arrived Sunday morning at camp Sabra. We had time to unpack and explore the camp. Afterwards we loaded up the bus and headed into St. Louis to support our Texas Rangers. Unfortunately there was a long rain delay, but that did not put a damper on our spirits. Finally the game started and we cheered the rangers on to victory. We are looking forward to a fun day at sabra.

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